Meerthe Heuvelings

Industrial Designer with a passion for material experiences,
tactile interactions and visual communication.


I am Meerthe Heuvelings, an Industrial Designer with a passion for material experiences and tactile product interactions. I graduated as a Master in Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Eindhoven in 2013. Here I developed my expertise in the creation of haptic material interactions - and researched the interplay between human, material and technology via the creation of tangible electronic prototypes. I combine research and experiments, to create an intuitive user experience.
As an extension of my interest in user experiences - I want to make human-product interactions come to life using technology. Via exploring the combinations of electronics, materials and interactions I want to create engaging and intuitive products.

Next to the creation of tangible artefacts I am intrigued by the creation and improvement of the user experience via the user interface. I want them to fit in the whole experience of a product.

creative, eager to learn, solution oriented, team player


moving materials virtual

team: Simone de Waart, Patrick Vissers, Meerthe Heuvelings (Material Sense) in collaboration with Architectuurproducties B.V.

The physical exhibition 'Moving Materials' has travelled through Europe from 2012 till 2014; and now it is developed into a sensitizing virtual version!

Creating this virtual material display gives the possibility to stretch the boundaries of the physical material properties with the purpose to trigger the imagination of the audience. By using environmental references, the future possibilities of innovative materials are shown. Via the creation of this exhibition, a new perspective on digital material experiences is given - to be discussed and developed in the future.
The virtual exhibition and accompanying material database offer a reference for designers and material developers. Visitors of the database are invited to add their own materials to let the database grow and create international visibility via this platform!

Together with the Material Sense team I was responsible for the material selection, ideation, development of the material visualizations and the building of the first 3D models. I also developed the visual language of the product labels, icons and database.

material explorations

team: Simone de Waart, Bianca van Rooij, Clara Vankerschaver, Meerthe Heuvelings

Material Sense strives to incorporate materials at the start of a design process. To find new applications for innovative sustainable materials; workshops, co-creation and exploration sessions are organised.

Material Sense worked on an assignment for the Innovative Materials Platform Twente (IMPT) presented at the innovation congress 'Innoversum'. I as a designer with a passion for tactile products and eye for sustainable solutions, together with other designers - were involved in two workshops.
We worked with materials from Texperium on the topic 'What kind of possibilities have recycled textile materials?' The foundation Texperium is an open innovation centre that promotes recycling of waste textiles to create new products with added value.

The ingredients for the workshop: recycled textile yarns and felt, old craft techniques (like knitting, crochet, embroidery) combined with new techniques (laser cutting, engraving, laminating and hot melting). The results of the idea development were acoustic panels, curtains and roofing.

PROUD Project

team: Simone de Waart, Patrick Vissers, Meerthe Heuvelings (Material Sense) and partners in the PROUD Project

For the European PROUD Project, Material Sense developed a traveling exhibition that focuses on new innovative use of materials and products. At each location new materials and products were taken on board - and so new (international) materials, products and creative solutions were shared with a large audience. The exhibitions triggered an open discussion about the future of (sustainable) materials. Other than the exhibition, laser cutting and 3d printing master classes and lectures were organized.
The Material Sense travelling exhibition was supported by PROUD. PROUD brings designers together with public organisations, businesses and user communities, to experience the added value of design while working on innovative solutions for today's world.

I supported Material Sense with the set-up of the exhibition, organisation, material and product selection and development of the visual identity (among others banners, product labels and website).

Visual Language

team: Simone de Waart, Patrick Vissers, Meerthe Heuvelings (Material Sense + Material Sense LAB)

Between 2011 and August 2015, I developed - together with the team of Material Sense - the visual language for the material exhibitions, website and newsletters. Also abstract models are developed for communicating complex design and research strategies and processes.
During the Dutch Design Week 2015 the new Material Sense website is presented, were their various products and services are displayed. The main requirements for developing the website were the user friendliness of the website for (future) clients as the adding of content by Material Sense.

Expert 'Tangible and reciprocal shape changing interfaces'

team: Miguel Bruns, Simone de Waart, Brandon Hur, Meerthe Heuvelings

Since September 2015, I work as an external expert within the area of 'Tangible and reciprocal shape changing interfaces' for the Department of Industrial Design, University of Technology Eindhoven. This area is focused on the development of tangible intuitive interactions with shape changing products.
As an expert I support second year Bachelor Industrial Design students with project related decision making, give advice in how to design an intuitive interaction and co-organize workshops around materials, presentation and interaction design.

Expert & Project Coach 'Wearable Senses'

team: Stephan Wensveen, Oscar Tomico, Pierre Levy, Troy Nachtigall, Arne Hendriks, René Ahn,
Lilian Admiraal, Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, Meerthe Heuvelings

In July 2013 I graduated from the Wearable Senses theme within the Department of Industrial Design, University of Technology Eindhoven.
Because of my expertise in tactile interaction design and use of crafting techniques in a technology driven society - I worked as an expert and project coach for the Wearable Senses theme from February 2015 till July 2015. Within this theme I am particularly interested in how we can combine hard electronics with soft materials, craftsmanship with innovative technology and smart textiles - and DIY with mass-production.
I coached second year Bachelor Industrial Design students in their projects named 'Craft Stories' and 'GHOST'. The 'Craft Stories' project is about the development of products via the exploration of crafting techniques and combining them with state of the art technologies (like laser-cutting, 3d printing and electroncis). 'GHOST' stands for 'Generic and Highly Organic, Shap-change inTerfaces' and formed the start for the squad named 'Tangible and reciprocal shape changing interfaces'. Within the 'GHOST' project, technologies and interactions are explored for shape changing products.

intimate relation

team: Eef Lubbers, Julie Hornix, Meerthe Heuvelings (TU/e), Maria Meijer, Roos Geraets (Cultural Studies)

Within the one week course 'Materiality in Time and Context', material qualities and their effect on product interactions and vise versa are explored and developed. How will the product change over time through the material interaction, what will the effect be on our own behaviour? Will we get more attached to our own products with our own imprints?

We worked on the symbolic notion 'Intimate Relation', that covers the aversion you feel when you realize you are attracted to explore something that is too close to someone else, it is too intimate Why is something perceived as disgusting when it belongs to someone else? Like a wound, once it is someone else's it becomes repulsive.
This notion is expressed via a series of phones that are made out of candle wax. A phone is an object that asks for an intimate interaction - you need to hold it firmly in your hand and closely to your head. Via protrusions, a skin-like colour and waxy feeling - that looks like a skin infection - an aversive feeling is created - while on the other hand you are persuaded to use the phone when it rings and leave your own imprint. This changes your relation to the object. A gradation of this aversion in a collection of seven phones is created - you are dared to touch...

The phones - together with other outcomes from the course - are displayed within the exhibiton 'Future Footprints' during Dutch Design Week 2015.


team: Tamás Fejér, Meerthe Heuvelings, Eef Lubbers (TU/e), Sonia Aïssaoui, Verena Schepperheyn, Yiyu Chen (ArtEZ)

Loom is a garment that explores the boundaries between the human body, material interactions and the technological possibilities. Loom is created during a one week course named 'Crafting Wearables' given by Dr. Oscar Tomico.
The goal of the course was to blend phenomenology, interaction design, and fashion design in order to create new design practices and develop new intimate relations between body, materials and technology.


Meerthe Heuvelings MSC